Super-trawler update | Margiris has re-entered Irish waters

The super-trawler FV Margiris has re-entered Irish waters and is once again actively fishing off the Donegal coast.

The massive vessel first arrived in Irish waters three weeks ago. About a week after pitching up, a fishery inspection was carried out by the LE James Joyce with the Margiris moving on to Scottish waters soon afterwards.

It has however now returned and is back fishing approximately 70 kilometers off the Donegal

Super-trawler update

FV Margiris Active off Donegal again

The FV Margiris is the world’s second largest fishing boat and can process as much as 250 tonnes of fish per day.

Super-trawlers have been banned from Australian waters and there is a growing movement to see a similar ban put in place in Irish waters.

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