Bad news for Dolphins | Super Trawler Margiris Ireland-bound again

The super trawler Margiris is making its way back towards Irish waters in a move that will infuriate environmentalists and local fishermen alike.

Super trawler

Super Trawler, Fragile Ecosystem Giant Margiris makes it way to Irish waters

The Margiris, the world’s second largest fishing boat, visited Irish waters last year and caused some serious fishing industry concern. The over-sized trawler can process as much as 250 tonnes of fish per day and has notably been banned from Australian waters.

Earlier this year a suspicious number of dolphin strandings on Ireland’s west coast were widely believed to be caused by super trawler activity. The number of deaths and the discovery of rope marks on the tails of dolphins led some to believe the dolphins were caught by trawlers active in the area at the time, and subsequently disposed.

Super trawler

Super Trawler FV Margiris 136 metres, 9,500 tonnes of fishing power

While in Irish water the giant trawler will be kept under the watchful eye of the Sea-Fisheries Protection Authority though it’s not clear if there will be any fishery observers onboard the fishing vessel.

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