Safety at sea through war and upheaval Exhibition | On in Cork

Safety at Sea Through War and Upheaval IRISH LIGHTS 1911 – 1923 is an exciting new historical exhibition that was officially launched to the public for the first time at SeaFest and is now on in Cobh Library, Cork until Saturday 15th October.


Fanad Head Lighthouse, Donegal Standing between idyllic Lough Swilly and sandy Mulroy Bay

Irish Lights, Ireland’s maritime organisation that delivers essential navigation and safety service around the coast, has developed Safety at Sea Through War and Upheaval IRISH LIGHTS 1911 – 1923 to tell the story of how Irish Lights continued its mission; to ensure safety at sea for all, even through the daunting events of the First World War and a nation-defining revolution.

The historical exhibition has been developed in partnership with the Royal Irish Academy, and is an incredibly immersive experience that uses unique sources and pays homage to this island’s rich maritime legacy.

Commenting on the exhibition Michael Kennedy – Royal Irish Academy Executive Editor said; ‘This exhibition reveals Ireland through the First World War and the revolutionary years as no one has ever seen it before.  It is a ground breaking tale from a unique and previously untapped source into Ireland’s past.’

Featuring twelve wonderful lighthouses in breathtaking coastal locations, Great Lighthouses of Ireland has been developed by Irish Lights and offers visitors the chance to visit or stay-in a lighthouse. Each Lighthouse offers visitors the opportunity to find out about their fascinating history, to appreciate the spectacular natural world around them, to discover the technology at work in lighthouses today and to meet the people who are passionate about these unique places

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