Watch: Before the Flood – powerful documentary on climate change

The new documentary ‘Before the Flood’ premieres globally tonight on National Geographic and is also available to stream for free online. The film highlights the most important issue we face right now, climate change. It’s directed by Fisher Stevens (The Cove) and stars Oscar award winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. 


Shot over a two-year period it follows DiCaprio in his attempt to uncover the causes and find solutions to the most important issue of our time. He interviews a number of global leaders and activists including Barack Obama, Pope Francis and Elon Musk. He travels to globe documenting the damage climate change has inflicted upon the landscape. It’s an eye opening look at the damage we have done to our planet.

This serious issue is often overlooked and dismissed, some still claim it doesn’t exist. But this is an issue we can no longer afford to ignore. This film aims to educate and bring climate change to the foreground, inspiring us to act now before it’s too late.

Before the Flood premieres tonight on National Geographic at 9pm. If you miss it the film is also available to stream for free online. 

Watch the full movie below:

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