New Titanic under construction | Chinese push for high-end tourists

Just over 100 years since the original Titanic sailed and a 1:1 replica is under construction in China.

With China’s ever-growing desire for tourist dollars and it being the manufacturing centre of the world, is it a surprise to see them take on such an audacious and somewhat controversial project?

But don’t expect to see the New Titanic on the waves any time soon as the rebuild of the legendary passenger liner is taking place in a landlocked Chinese city more than 1,200km from the sea.

Instead, the New Titanic will be part of luxury tourist resort where visitors can relieve the experience of being on the original ship without risk of a seagull sighting or even a light sea breeze.

New Titanic under construction

The Original Titanic Built at Harland and Wolff, Belfast

The RMS Titanic, built in the dockyards of Harland and Wolff in Belfast, is easily one of the world’s most famous ships. The biggest vessel of her day and unfortunately best remembered for the disaster that befell her maiden voyage when she struck an iceberg and sank with the loss of 1503 souls in the freezing mid-Atlantic.

There have been many tributes to this legendary ship down through the years but this new replica ship will attempt to remake the Titanic exactly as it was. The 1:1 replica of the famous ship is central to a push for high-end tourist at a new resort being built in Daying in the Chinese province of Sichuan.

There will of course be the addition of modern technologies and creature comforts making it more akin to a Disneyland ride than a transatlantic cruise liner but the essential goal of the new build is to immerse tourists in the luxury and splendour of the original ship. The experience will also feature a simulation of the iceberg collision.

The new attraction will be open to the public from October 2017 where it will be permanently docked on the Daying Qi River.

So what do you think? Fine tribute or crass commercialism?

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