Cooperation in marine energy – New ocean network launched

Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland have launched a new network to collaborate on ocean energy and drive innovation. The new group called Ocean Power Innovation Network (OPIN) was launched earlier this month at their inaugural meeting in Dublin. The network is being led by three state bodies – the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI), Invest Northern Ireland and Scottish Enterprise.


On the horizon Cooperation in renewable energy 

The goal of the group is to advance and drive innovation in the area of ocean energy. They want to apply creative learning and thinking to push the boundaries of what is possible.

The inaugural meeting was attended by experts from within the ocean energy sector and professionals from areas such as oil and gas exploration, marine engineering, wave and tidal technologies.

The Head of Emerging Sectors with SEAI, Declan Meally said: “The coasts of Ireland and Scotland have an abundant supply of ocean energy. Pooling resources, knowledge and experience between us and collaborating outside of the ocean energy sector means we can bring best practices together to drive development in ocean energy.  The countries that can innovate in this space, with regard to both technology and its interaction with the natural and the human environment, will have a real advantage globally and we want to ensure that Ireland is at the forefront in achieving its potential and maximising our renewable resources.”

Ireland’s marine territory extends far beyond our coastline encompassing 880,000 km2 an area is more than 10 times our land mass. We have a huge potential to use this resource that is one of the best in world to generate carbon free renewable energy. This will be good for the environment reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and it will also develop a market for Ireland to export green energy creating jobs and help growth in the economy.

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