As Marine Institute looks to upgrade test site, locals seek clarification.

Galway locals are meeting with Marine Institute officials in Oranmore today seeking further clarification on the proposed extension of the Galway Bay Marine and Energy Test site.

Locals contend key stakeholders have been left out of the process, that a lack of transparency surrounds the project and that many people still don’t properly understand the Institutes plans.

The Marine institute is seeks a 35 years lease to develop a quarter scale test site for renewable energy at their current test side at Spiddal in Galway. They have been utilising the site since 2006 and now want a longer term permission to test up to three renewable energy devices at the site.

The project is a key part of the states offshore plans to test renewables in Galway then explore building a full-scale site in Belmullet Co. Mayo

The closing date for submissions on the proposed upgrade of the site is Friday September 9th.

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