Super Trawler Update | World’s second largest vessel active off Irish coast

The Super trawler Margiris, the second largest fishing vessel in the world is currently fishing 50 kilometers off Donegal.

As reported on Coast Monkey last week, the Lithuanian-registered Margiris was making its way up from the south east coast and it is now actively fishing on the northwest of Ireland.

Margiris active off Donegal

Super trawler Margiris fishing off Donegal As monitored on

The Margiris visited Irish waters last year and caused some serious fishing industry and environmental concern. The over-sized trawler can process as much as 250 tonnes of fish per day and has been banned from Australian waters.

Earlier this year a suspicious number of dolphin strandings on Ireland’s west coast were widely believed to be caused by super trawler activity. The number of deaths and the discovery of rope marks on the tails of dolphins led some to believe the dolphins were caught by trawlers active in the area at the time, and subsequently disposed.

If you’d like to see an end to Super trawler activity in Irish Waters, sign the petition: Ban super trawlers from Irish seas

*Further update: Irish Navy has boarded super trawler 

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