As Dublin Port develops, Dublin Bay dumping begins

With work commenced on its €230m Alexandra Basin Redevelopment Project, Dublin Port Company has also begun its maintenance dredging on its main shipping route with the dredged spoil being dumped at Burford Bank in Dublin Bay.

The €230m Alexandra Basin Redevelopment Project will develop a large section of Dublin Port and deepen the navigation channel to allow for bigger container and cruise ships with Dublin Port Company’s masterplan to double its throughput to 60 million tonnes in 2040.

There has been significant objection to the plans as the area where the dredged spoil is being dumped is a dynamic inshore habitat containing reef, an uncommon east coast feature, and it also provides a key habitat for Harbour Porpoise. Both species were significant in gaining the area the improved conservation status.

Dublin Port Company is exercising an existing EPA permit which it applied for in 2009.


Divers protest the dumping in the special area of conservtion

The EPA has received over 750 submissions from public bodies, non-governmental organisations and individuals in relation to the €230 million Alexandra Basin redevelopment project.

In May a large group of divers organized a flotilla of boats on the River Liffey in peaceful oppositions to the dumping in the Dublin Bay.

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