It came from beneath the sea! Thousands of jellyfish wash up on Clare beach

Thousands of jellyfish have stranded on a beach in Co. Clare. Pelagia noctiluca more commonly known as Mauve Stingers have washed up in their thousands on the beach of Fanore. 

Mauve Stingers are usually small jellyfish up to around 10cm – 15cm  in diameter. Recognisable by their purple colour they can have a rather painful sting.

This year has been particularly bad in terms of large numbers of jellyfish visiting our shores. Earlier this summer many dangerous Lions Mane jellyfish were spotted all around the coast.

Of the recent influx of the deadly Portuguese Man o’ War Irish Water Safety issued a caution saying that the recent tropical maritime air and warmer seawater temperatures may have contributed to one of the largest infestations in over a hundred years.

This probably won’t be the last we see of these jellyfish so keep your eyes peeled when enjoying the coast and keep children and animals away. They can still pose a threat even when washed up dead on the beaches.

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Ann Robinson
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