Making Waves Podcast | How to Create a Zero Waste Society

Making Waves is a podcast about action, awareness and the Irish coast. Hosted by Daniel Farrell and Ann Robinson, two average citizens trying to work out what it all means. New episode every Saturday.

How to Create a Zero Waste Society

Everything we do creates waste, it’s a consequence of how we live and how our society currently functions. Compounding this, modern waste has a nasty habit of sticking around and complicating things.  It’s a problem that’s gotten out of hand and it’s time we get a grip.

Making Waves Podcast Zero Waste Society

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Right now we’re a lot closer to being a 100% waste society that a zero waste one.

The change to waste-free is going to take serious effort.

Making Waves Podcast Zero Waste Society

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But it’s vital because everyday we’re swimming in more and more rubbish.

Listen to the podcast for more thoughts on becoming a zero waste society.

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