Making Waves Podcast | How Can we Stop Messing with Nature’s Mojo?

Making Waves is a podcast about action, awareness and the Irish coast. Hosted by Daniel Farrell and Ann Robinson, two average citizens trying to work out what it all means. New episode every Saturday.

How Can we Stop Messing with Nature’s Mojo?

Everything we do has an impact on the environment. Building stuff and growing food, burning fuel and using resources all change the world we live in. But as we look to improve our lot the sum total of our actions is an unhealthy planet that ultimately feeds right back to us as reduced quality of life.

And for the other life that shares the planet with us, the consequences can be even worse.

Making waves podcast nature mojo

No Country for Other Animals  (Photo by Megan Johnston on Unsplash)

The consequences of actions for wildlife mean habitat destruction, extinction and the arrival of invasive species. How can we learn to co-exist? Can we? – is it possible?

Listen to the podcast for more on how we’re messing with natures balance.

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