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How’s the Weather out there? Ireland in the Year 2050

The just published EPA report collected the most up-to date scientific knowledge we have on climate change.

By looking at what’s happened in the past, and what is happening at the moment, scientists can make well supported predictions of what Ireland’s climate will be like. So what changes are we likely to see in Ireland’s climate in the year 2050?

Making Waves Podcast Weather Ireland Year 2050

1. Temperatures going up An increase of  1–1.6°C is projected by 2050.

2. All seasons will be significantly warmer by 2050

3. Rainfall patterns will be different with drier summer conditions likely.

4. Sea Levels continue to rise . Sea level rise will amplify the impacts of storm surges and wave erosion in coastal areas.

5. Fewer but more intense storms.

6. An increase in winter flooding

With these climate changes on the way, the next question is how going to deal with it ? That’s the multi-trillion dollar, multi-generational question that we need to start addressing now.

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