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 How to Sail Solo Around the World

What does it take to sail solo around the world? A boat stocked with food? Sure – and money? Definitely – what about serious sailing skills and the mindset to succeed? Yes, all of these. But what if through a twist of fate this only took you half way – what’s the extra essential ingredient to get the job done?

From listening to Enda O’Coineen’s adventure it’s clear the answer is perseverance.

Making Waves Podcast Sail Solo World

Vendée Globe is a single-handed (solo) non-stop yacht race around the world without assistance.

Enda’s round the world trip began in France in November 2016. He had made it more than 12,000 miles across the planet to New Zealand when on New Year Day the unthinkable happened – his mast snapped in half!

After more than a month at sea this would have been a terrible blow.

But thanks to a fortuitous meeting with a french team who’s race was also cut short, and the essential ingredient of perseverance , completing the voyage is a now a possibility.

It’s a great story of adventure and the trials and tribulations of being alone in the middle of the sea. And a great story of perseverance!

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