Making Waves Podcast | How to Live on the Edge and not Win a Darwin Award

Making Waves is a podcast about action, awareness and the Irish coast. It’s hosted by Dan Farrell and Ann Robinson. New episode every Saturday.

How to Live on the Edge and not Win a Darwin Award

The coast can be a dangerous place if you’re not careful but that doesn’t mean there should be railings everywhere and a yellow line around the whole coast behind which you have to stand.

But at what point does a fun-seeking just become reckless or weigh too heavily upon others?

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A Darwin Award is a tongue-in-cheek honour that recognizes people who have self-selected themselves for removal from the gene pool. Venturing out into a hurricane for watersports greatly increases your chances of winning one.

It’s a difficult question because many coastal activities are by their very nature risky when you consider how capricious the sea can be.

What’s more, many sports are enhanced in conditions which are severely windy or where there’s massive waves like surfing.

“I hear you’re overly-cautious now Father?”

And if you’ve assessed the risks, know the consequences, it should be ok to engage in your chosen activity if it doesn’t impact others, right?

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