Is this the best scampi and chips in Ireland?

It’s a simple (and delicious) seafood challenge we’ve set ourselves: find the best scampi and chips in Ireland. We began our hunt at the excellent Beshoffs on Dame street. They scored high, so high in fact we thought we had chanced upon the very best at our first attempt. Now on our second outing we’re visiting a relative new boy on the seafood scene. Fish shack opened up in Sandycove in 2015 and has received some great reviews for its food so naturally popped up on our radar.  The place has already opened up a second outlet on Parliament street in Dublin city centre so it must be doing something right.

Let’s see what the Fish Shack in Sandycove has to offer:

fishshack outside

Nice set up outside. Couple of tables. I’d say it’s gonna be very popular seating over the warmer summer months.

fish shack outside area

Great view out to the bay.  Let’s head inside for a look around.

fish shack inside

It was 12 when we arrived, it had just opened. The place has a nice seasidey theme without being kitsch. But we’re not here for the decor and we’ve been fooled before. A place can look good and serve rubbish scampi.


So to the scampi… (although ice-cream selection has not gone unnoticed.)


First thing you see is a lot of scampi. 

scampi close up

The scampi was breaded, and was real scampi, not like those fake crab meat scampi that some flim flam artists try to serve. And it tasted very good.


Came with big chunky chips. Like chipper chips.

plates of food

Tartar was served in a half shell and there was a tiny little fancy salad construction that tasted quite good. I think the red thing was radish. Can’t be sure.



No. of scampi: (14) Excellent.

Real scampi or Crab meat: Real scampi

Breadcrumb or Batter: Breadcrumb

Chips: Excellent Italian style chipper chips.

Tastiness: Very Good

Overall Value for Money:  Excellent

So in a quick comparison with Beshoffs, we find a real similarity in high quality. The higher price at Fish shack is fairly reflected in the higher quantity of scampi (50% more). All added up, Fish Shack edges it and is the new best scampi and chips in Ireland. Well done, we will be back!

Think you know somewhere that has great scampi and chips? Get in touch, we’d love to check them out.

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