NewsBite | Ireland Worst in Europe for tackling Climate Change

What’s happened?

According to the 2018 Climate Change Performance Index, Ireland is the worst performing country in Europe for taking action against climate change.

We’ve dropped a whooping 28 places from last year and are now ranked 49 out of 59 countries in the new report issued by Germanwatch and the NewClimate Institute.

Ireland Worst Europe tackling Climate Change

Ireland, conspicuous in red, is falling further behind in Climate Action

Where are we failing?

According to national experts, Ireland is one of the few EU countries to miss its 2020 emission reduction targets under the EU effort-sharing decision, which is one reason why the country rates very low in climate policy.

Ireland’s performance in the field of greenhouse gas emissions is also very low with the country nowhere close to being on track concerning its emission targets.

Any positives?

On a slightly less bum note, Ireland was viewed to be on a very positive trend in the development of renewable energy. However as the current share of renewable energy in energy supply – as well as the 2030 target – were deemed insufficient, Ireland rates only medium in the renewables category.

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