Help to Identify Bathing Water in Fingal | Public Consultation

A lot of people love swimming on the Irish coast, sure, how could you not with our incredible coastline?

Keeping an eye on water quality is a part of what City and County Councils do and and they have to identify official bathing areas in their area every year.

So this is where you come in.

Identify Bathing Water Fingal Public Consultation

The always lovely Skerries!

Fingal County Council are asking people who swim at beaches, lakes and rivers to tell them if they think they should maintain existing identified bathing waters designations or give a new official bathing area designation to areas that are commonly used for swimming but not designated at the moment.

If you are a regular swimmer, help decide which bathing areas should be identified for 2018, it might be helpful to consider the following:

  • How your swimming area has been used up to now;
  • How many people use the site;
  • What facilities (e.g. signage, parking, toilets, picnic area etc) exist at the site and how accessible it is;
  • Any safety issues.

Visit here for official information and how to make a submission

Closing date for submissions is 31 January 2018.

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