Glass Beach | Soviet dumping site becomes unlikely tourist attraction

A former dumping site of glass bottles in Russia has become an extremely unlikely tourist attraction.

(Photo Credit Anna Pozharskaya, @ula1673)

‘Glass Beach’ on Ussuri Bay was once a Soviet era dumping site where broken bottles and cracked porcelain were disposed of by the truckload.

Glass Beach in Vladivostock, Russia Formerly a soviet dumping site

But something unusual has happened on the the beach which is located in the far east of Russia, close to North Korea and looking out on to the Sea of Japan.

Glass beach

Powerful waves smooth the jagged edges. Image @yuliya_savkina/ Siberian Times

Time has softened the edge of the pollution and created something surreal and quite beautiful.

The waves have over time crafted old bottles, porcelain and tiles into a multicoloured pebble beach.

Glass beach

Photo Credit Larissa Andryushchenko

The glass glistens like jewels on the shoreline.

Glass beach

Coloured glass contrasted against the snow. Picture: Anna Pozharskaya/ The Siberian Time

In winter the coloured pebbles are beautifully contrasted against the snow, and in summer it gleams against the black volcanic sand.

Glass beach

Sea Glass. Image Picture: @ula1673/The Siberian Times

Glass beach

Beautiful colours and shapes. Image @dumbrava_regina/ The Siberian Times

The beach has now become a tourist attraction and visitors pay a small fee to marvel at this wonder.

This is one of the few cases where nature was fortunately able to pay the tab for wasteful human activity while also teaching us a visually powerful lesson in recycling.

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