Lovely Irish Seafood | Delicious Mussels for a healthy change

For a people who live on a small island it’s crazy how often you find that seafood is the big no-no in the kitchen. We’ll eat all manner of other stuff processed to high heaven and of dubious origin but for some reason seafood seems to be beyond what many people find acceptable on a plate. Either the beef guys are marketing geniuses or we’re just not adventurous enough. Either way, it’s got to change.


Plate up some Mussels

Mussels are a delicious and abundant seafood.  Nutritionally, they are the kings of Shellfish. A great source of vitamins and rival red meat in the Iron and Zinc stakes. With high levels of desirable fatty acids which are good for your brain making them literally the smart choice.

And they’re better for the Environment too. Whatever meat dish you occassionaly swap out for Mussels, you’re doing the environment a favour. Mussel production is low impact and with a small carbon footprint.

With our expanding waistlines projected to be the biggest in Europe by 2050, dietary change needs to happen in Ireland now and seafood can play a big part.  Low cost healthy foods like mussels don’t need to completely replace our steak and pork, they just need to feature somewhere on the menu. The’re delcious, healthy and good for the environment, it’s time to try Mussels.

For Mussels lovers, here’s a few events to look forward to and it looks like you’re Galway bound!

Connemara Mussel Festival      29th April – 1st May

Get delicious Killary Mussels all weekend long. This will be a fantastic way to get indulge yourself!

oyster festival

Clarenbridge Galway Oyster Festival    September

The perfect conditions exist in Clarenbridge for growing and harvesting Oysters – a sheltered bay, a perfect ratio of fresh and salt water and added to this the skill and knowledge of a community who are immersed in Oyster harvesting since Roman times makes for some seriously delicious Oysters.

Galway Oyster Festival

Galway Oyster Festival  22nd – 25th September

The oldest oyster festival in the World and the event is one of the biggest on Ireland’s social calendar, drawing more than 22,000 visitors in 2015 who gleefully downed tons of the famous native Galway Oysters.

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