Crab Back on Export Menu to China as Certification Agreement Reached

Ireland’s seafood exports to China look set to continue their impressive growth following an agreement to the proposed certificate to accompany crab exports.

Crab Export Menu China Certification Agreement

In 2010, Ireland secured market access in China for live crab but trade was paused due to an issue over certification. China has become an extremely important market for Irish seafood and there has been a steady increase in exports with the estimated value nearing €3 million. The restoration of the crab trade is seen as particularly important for Irish seafood exporters ahead of Brexit.

The Irish authorities (SFPA) and the Chinese authorities have now reached an agreement on how to resolve the issue of certification. The agreement is built around implementation of a national monitoring programme of live crab intended for export to China, implemented by the SFPA, with the Chinese authorities continuing to monitor consignments arriving in China.

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