Calls to restart development work at Greencastle Harbour

Minister Joe McHugh met with a number of representatives earlier this week in Greencastle to discuss the need restart the vital work on Greencastle Harbour in Donegal.

Greencastle harbour

Calls to restart the multi million development of Greencastle Harbour. Image Sharon Anderson

A major project to develop the harbour was previously approved and preliminary work was carried out but the project was suspended in 2010 due to the economic downturn. Work had begun on the construction of a breakwater and the first phase of the project was estimated to cost €10m.

Minister Joe McHugh has promised he will be making a strong case to the government to restart the works. After the meeting he said “There is a clear argument, which I support, for work to recommence on the breakwater project and further the development of Greencastle Harbour from a whole range of commercial viewpoints. Fishing, marine tourism and commercial possibilities are there for Greencastle to harness in the years ahead and I wanted to get a first-hand briefing on local views in the area.”

“After the UK leaves the EU, Greencastle will become even more important for Donegal, for the Republic and the European Union” 

“I want to assure the community that I am doing everything I can to deliver on the further development of Greencastle and I am making a case to my Government colleagues that this should be done.”

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