Invasion of the blue blubber jellyfish! Australian beach draws unusual crowd

Locals of Queensland’s Deception Bay in Australia witnessed a rare and mesmerizing sight as thousands of blue blubber jellyfish washed up on the shore and carpeted the sand.

blue blubber jellyfish

‘Like bubble wrap across the beach’. Image Charlotte Lawson

The blue blubbers covered the beach in a sea of translucent blue, a sight that has surprised locals and marine experts. Although this species of jellyfish is fairly common they are rarely seen in such large numbers.

blue blubber jellyfish

A rare and alien-looking phenomenon. Image Charlotte Lawson

Talking to the BBC Charlotte Lawson who captured the images said they looked “like bubble wrap across the beach”.

The rare phenomenon was likely caused by a number of factors including warmer waters, northerly winds and tidal conditions. The blue blubber has a poisonous sting but although it can be quite painful they aren’t considered a danger to humans.

Last summer we had our own invasions as mauve stingers, deadly lion’s mane and portuguese man o’ war washed up on beaches around Ireland. Nice to see jellyfish the world over like an occasional change of scene!

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