Bioluminescent Sea Sparkle in Tasmanian Waters Amazes Locals

An unusual phenomenon has left locals gobsmacked as bioluminescent algae turned the sea at Tasmania’s Preservation Bay sparkling bright blue.

The waves glow with an iridescent blue. Credit Brett Chatwin

Noctiluca scintillans more commonly known as Sea Sparkle is a species of algae that uses bioluminescence for protection. When they feel threatened the tiny organism emits light as a defence mechanism, the flashing light they emit is deployed to scare off predators. The algae are not toxic although can cause skin irritations in some people.

Making a splash, the unusual phenomenon has local enchanted. Credit Leanne Marshall

Dazzling light show. Credit Sally Todd

Locals have been treated this week to a delightful night time light show as the algae create a beautiful iridescent blue shimmer beneath the waves.

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