Search for Young Fishmonger of the Year 2018 launched with Effortless Skill

Seafood is easy and done right it’s amazing! At least that was the impression left after an impressive display of fish preparation and cooking by the current holder of the BIM Young Fishmonger of the Year award.

Award winner Eimantas Zvirblis showcased his skills at an event in Donnybrook Fair Cookery School as the search for the BIM Young Fishmonger of the Year 2018 was launched on Monday.

Making seafood look very easy Eimantas Zvirblis and Jean Yves

Eimantas, along with Jean Yves, chef at Donnybrook Fair, prepared an ‘Alternative’ Easter Sunday Lunch at Donnybrook Fair Cookery School and they made simple ingredients taste exceptional.

For starters they prepared and cooked Monkfish cheeks with Dublin Bay Prawns lemon & garlic. I had never tasted Monkfish cheek before, in truth I had never heard of Monkfish cheek before but it was really tender and moreish. And as the chefs told us because it’s one of those cuts of fish that nobody really knows about, it’s really great value in fishmongers. The accompanying Dublin Bay Prawn prawns had a lovely garlic warmth.

For main course, they prepared stuffed Lemon Sole fillets with Mussels in a cider & Bacon sauce. I knew Lemon Sole was delicious and I’m a big fan of Mussels but here the sauce was the real difference maker. Aromatic, flavourful and it’s impossible to argue with the combination of cider and bacon. Light, fresh but with surprising depth. This is something I’d definitely like to try at home.

Stuffed Lemon Sole fillets with Mussels in a Cider & Bacon Sauce

Watching people who actually know what they’re doing with fish is quite a revelation. And I say this mostly due to how straightforward and quick it all seemed. There was no great magic – select a nice cut of fish, a hot pan with a dash of oil, some garlic & lemon – it looked effortless.  No great magic – except in the taste.

BIM has now launched search for the 2018 BIM Young Fishmonger of the Year Award – the closing date for entries is 28th April 2017. Apply here

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