The great scampi seafood challenge begins

Our mission at Coast Monkey is to share the best of the Irish coast and this includes bringing to your attention the best of Irish Seafood. So we take our job very seriously when a challenge is set to find the best of a particular seafood. Today we’re beginning a very important (and delicious) search for the best Scampi and Chips in Ireland.

Let’s begin!


First up for review is the well known Beshoffs chipper on Dame street in Dublin. A little history first: The Beshoffs story begins in 1905, on the sea-washed decks of the Battleship ‘Potemkin,’ when Ivan Beshoff first set sail with the famous Russian Imperial Tsarist fleet. Eight years later he arrived in Dublin and began building his fish n’chips business. Now, 3 generations later, it’s a business that is still going strong.

Straight off the bat we award bonus points for the maritime connection and also because it allows us to add a cool picture of the Battleship Potemkin to this article.


The Chip shop itself is located half way down Dame street beside just beside the Olympia and opposite Dublin Castle. It’s quite an unassuming place and very easy to relax in. It was lunchtime when we visited, it was busy but not packed.

There’s plenty of choice on the menu. Lots of seafood options which is always good to see. Caught a glimpse of the Seafood Chowder, it looks really tasty.


But we came for the Scampi and Chips. So what did we find?



No. of Scampi: (9) Excellent.

Real Scampi or Crab meat: Real Scampi

Chips: Excellent Italian style chipper chips.

Tastiness: Very Good

Overall Value for Money:  Excellent



So we have only good things to say about our experience to Beshoffs on Dame Street. Great Scampi and Chips Tough act to follow. But if you think you know somewhere that you think has great Scampi and Chips, we’d really like to know.

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